Laura Makabresku

In the frames constituting an extraordinary blend of symbolism, folklore and legends, a performance of perception and experience, vibrant with the sensitivity and delicacy takes place, offering an imaginative look at its own corporeality and identity. But it is also a kind of photo-biography of the artist’s unrestrained imagination, keeping her on the border of two, or even several worlds.

Zuzanna Sokolowska

„(Photo)sensitivity”, 2017

In a world that moves quickly and constantly, there is a barrage of visuals that infiltrates every moment of our lives. Laura's photography stems the tide against such passive viewing and she states that her wish is to create images that remind the audience to contemplate life rather than just impetuously live it. Laura spins deliciously essential "metaphoric threads" that, at first glance, are beautiful, but also deeply allegorical and meaningful. 

Justine Morrow

Beautiful Bizarre #16, 2017